Every one of us as humans ought to have been in Eden but there was a trespass in the beginning of days by the first man GOD created Genesis 3:1-7, GOD every one of us to have a close fellowship with HIM that’s why HE kept the first man and woman there just to take care of it but they lost it they disobeyed by eating the fruit just as some are still disobeying today by telling a little lie, fornication, wickedness and hatred Romans 6:23, which GOD hates Habakkuk 1:13.
GOD made this world so easy and beautiful so that man will get comfort and total peace but man lost it by the choice he made Proverbs 16:25, now the first man made a choice of eating the fruit which made him lost the garden priviledge Proverbs 8:36, now which choice are you making, is it the one that will make you sin? Hosea 10:11-14, remember Eden’s state is still available if you will repent, GOD sent JESUS into this world just to bring us back to Eden John 1:12 (peace), remember man listen to the devil that’s why he lost Eden Genesis 3:4-5, but if you listen to JESUS Proverbs 8:1-35, you will come back to Eden Mathew 11:28, HE will restore you again John 10:10

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